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The INSS 2019 table has already been released. You can check the payment dates for your pensions and pensions in 2019.

Every year, the Federal Government resets and discloses the benefits payment schedule. The INSS 2019 table is the annual schedule that the INSS makes so that its taxpayers know on what date their payment will be available on the banking network.

The National Social Security Institute (INSS ) is the body responsible for making the payment of retirement and other benefits linked to the Federal Government, such as:

  • 13th salary;
  • Family salary;
  • Accident-aid;
  • Death pension;
  • Retirement by time of contribution;
  • Professional rehabilitation;
  • Maternity pay;
  • Sickness aid;
  • Retirement by age and disability;
  • Others.

With the publication of the INSS 2019 calendar, on 12/16/2018 by the National Social Security Institute itself, the approximately 34 million retirees and pensioners can already check the date of deposit of benefits throughout the year 2019.

As usual, deposits will follow the same sequence of previous years and the dates always fall on working days.

For those who receive the benefit in the amount of a minimum wage, deposits for March will be made between March 25 to April 5 .

Those who receive above the national floor will have their payments credited as of April 1st. According to the table published by INSS 2019.

How to consult?

How to consult?

To consult the INSS 2019 table and know the correct day of your payment, you must necessarily know the number of your benefit.

Each benefit consists of a unique 10-digit numbering.

The payment date depends on the final number of the benefit card, without considering the last check digit, which appears after the dash.

In addition to this information, the value of your benefit should also be observed, since the table is divided into payments of a minimum wage and above a minimum wage.

Although all dates fall on working days, it may occur to fall on any municipal, state or federal holiday. When this occurs, the benefit payment will be made on the following business day.

The deadline for withdrawal of benefits is until the end of the following month, that is, approximately 60 days. If the withdrawal is not made during this period, the corresponding amounts will be returned to the INSS and the insured loses that benefit.

Stay inside also how to access my INSS in the matter with step by step that we prepare for you.

To take the value of the INSS 2019 benefit

Therefore, after verifying the date of payment of the benefit as informed by the table of INSS 2019, beneficiaries should go to the banking network on the date.

The INSS benefit is paid by Caixa Econômica Federal. To withdraw, go to one of the branches of the Caixa, Lottery or Self-service terminals equipped with your magnetic card.

To consult all information regarding your benefit, including access to the INSS 2019 calendar , access the official INSS website .

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