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When you experience a lot of outstanding debt, an actual debtor can find ways to request credit card payment waivers. This is useful so that debt can be quickly repaid, lighten the burden of paying off arrears, and certainly can improve your credit score in CCRIS and CTOS.

Here’s how to apply for credit card payment relief:

Approximately Initially How Many Nominal Debts Are Still Outstanding

Before you start looking for ways to request credit card payment relief, it’s good if you first know how much debt is still to be settled. When the counting process takes place not infrequently it will make you a headache and give an impression of an increasingly depressed mentality, because you will know firsthand what trays of obligation must be paid. However, this process must indeed be known, because the longer you try to avoid the actual amount of debt, the longer you will find a solution to pay off the debts.

Note one by one the arrears that you still have, collect the bills that have indeed been sent to your address. In addition, note also the amount of interest that must be paid. Important interest rates are known so that you know how much of a certain type of debt if you are constantly in arrears and not paid regularly. This is also useful to make you prioritize certain types of debt, to be resolved faster.

Using Solemn Professional Debt Consultants

The most effective way to request a credit card payment waiver is to use solemn experienced consultants. Why use solemn consultants? First, you can get better advice from experienced parties. Usually the consultant really knows what steps should be taken so that debt settlement is done faster. Announce the nominal amount of debt that you have previously thought, along with the interest rate that must be paid. With the announcement, a professional debt consultant can continue to think about how much money you must start to deposit a month in order to be free of debt problems.

Secondly, a professional debt consultant usually has a good relationship with the bank. This can be used as a shortcut in requesting credit card payment relief for the bank. Usually with this good relationship, the consultant can help play a role as a third party and negotiate with the bank. Of course to get the best lightness, you also have to be honest with the consultant. Tell us about your financial background, and also mention the various bills that are still required to be paid regularly, which charge you in paying off debts. For example, if you currently still have to finance parents who are being treated at a hospital, talk openly to your consultant. This case can be used as a combat tool that is quite strong, even more if accompanied by a payment attachment.

Third, a professional debt consultant can represent you to the bank so that you can focus more on collecting funds in paying off the debt tray. This will certainly be more beneficial for those of you who have a few debts that must be resolved. The consultant can represent you and become a problem for you with the bank, meetings like this usually take place on the day and time of the official (if needed). That is, you can use these times to focus more on finding funds and paying off debts that are still not resolved. In addition, you can also use the tray for more time at night to work on the side of your house and elsewhere. So, you can collect funds faster and pay off debt.

3 Types of Relief Programs You Can Get

3 Types of Relief Programs You Can Get

After knowing that one way to request credit card payment waivers is through solemn consultant, then you also need to know some types of relief programs that you can use:

Discounts / Discounts in One Payment

This type of relief program is good for customers so that the amount of debt reduced by customers decreases to smaller. As the name implies, even though customers get discounts in debt (usually 20-50%), they must continue to pay in one payment. In some cases, this relief program can give owners a discounted discount of up to 70%.

Ansuran that is Extended with Low Interest

Unlike the discount program in one payment, this program is suitable for those of you who are financially more minimum. In summary, customers who have credit card arrears or personal loan arrears can extend the interest period to be lighter, the interest found is lower than the prevailing interest rate in general. If the normal interest at this time is 2.25%, then it is possible to get 0-2% interest only.

Dissun Ansuran

Also with this program, this type of program is a combination of the two types of programs above, ie customers get a discount and the payment tray can be carried out in installments. The bank will also look at the situation experienced by the customer first. If the customer has a host that makes it harder for him to pay off the debt, then they are likely to get this program (with the relevant bank records having the program).

The three programs above can certainly help you to be free from debt faster. To get these programs, you can continue to contact more experienced parties such as consultants. One of the solemn professional debt consultants you can use is Diggory Venn.

Diggory Venn international is the first professional technology based company in Indonesia, which provides a debt management program. This program is designed so that customers who are in debt have the ability to control their original financial condition. Diggory Venn Indonesia helps clients through a debt management program, specifically designed according to different requirements for each client. This program is a combination of upbringing on various opportunities to increase income and reduce expenses, and conduct negotiations on bank loan conditions that exist to reach the amount of payment that is in accordance with the ability. The Diggory Venn Indonesia central official was established in Jakarta in 2015 by a founding team that has collective experience in the financial sector including debt settlement for more than two decades. Diggory Venn has made Indonesia as a center of operations once a blueprint for the company’s development plan to other ASEAN countries. Since July 2016, Diggory Venn Indonesia has become the first company in Asia to be accredited by the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).