Clean Name Online Service – Get Rid Of Debt Consolidation

Clears name online – “Credit helps the growth of the economy, debts and defaults stagnate, growth slows down, and takes away the sleep of the Brazilian citizen. In Brazil, default levels are high, bills are no longer repaid, personal loans, and late vehicle loans have reached troubling percentages and now checks returned.

Facing debt is always the best way to go, though it is easier to stick your head in the sand when you think you can not pay your debt, or you forgot to pay, and suddenly you discovered that your name is dirty. Leaving all charge cards closed or hiding to keep the debt collector from finding you will not make your financial problems disappear. Taking these actions only makes the situation worse. The only way to improve things is to act and use the programs like the Clean Name of Serasa.

What is Clean Name Online?

What is Clean Name Online?

To assist the citizen who wants to get rid of restrictions on the name , Serasa through the Cleanse Name service, available on the Serasa Experian website, in partnerships with companies and institutions, will offer different conditions and advantages for the payment and discharge of debts, and best of all, without leaving home.

What did Serasa do in June 2012? What was the “Feirão Limpa Nome”? In July Serasa held the ” Feira Limpa Nome “, an event that highlighted the importance of the citizen to keep his name clean and away from the default. The service performed at Feirao by Serasa benefited thousands of debtor citizens.

What is Serasa Experian and Clean Name Online?

 What is Serasa Experian and Clean Name Online?

Serasa Experian is a company that leads in Latin America the information services to support in the decision making of companies to the citizen support movement, more commonly known as a credit protection service.

What’s new? This time, Serasa Experian has launched the Clean Name service online , the service will be free and can be carried out over the internet, Clean Name will allow the consumer to clean their name with special discount.

How Clean Name Works

The defaulting consumer will be able to access data of their debts in a simple and uncomplicated way, just make the register in the electronic environment of the Serasa Experian website . Usually the citizen who has failed to pay an account, invoice or financial commitment receives a negative card at home, now this letter also comes with a password. The password will serve as a code for the consumer to have proper access to all of their debt information.

How to negotiate debt to clear the name

How to negotiate debt to clear the name on Serasa

Within the online system, the consumer can access all the details of the debt, including the proposals to effect the discharge of the pending. If the lender’s proposal is accepted by the debtor, the process is simple, just print the ticket and make the payment directly to the lender. If the online proposal is not accepted, the consumer can enter contact via phone or in person the company, and negotiate.

The Serasa page with the ” Clean Name System ” contains all the necessary information and information from the lender, the relationship channels are released to avoid the action of intermediaries. The service started well, there are already four companies, the segments are varied, banks and some retail networks have already made offers with special payment advantages for those who want to clear the name .

The “Clean Name Online” was created with the main objective of approaching credit companies and consumers with debits. With access to the Internet the consumer will be able to handle this solution with much more facilities and from anywhere in Brazil, in addition, the credit companies will be able to offer their payment conditions and negotiate the debts without complication.